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Conjure is a furniture rental company currently serving the greater New York area. They previously went by an old name, an old look, and old way of speaking to their audience. Through their partnership with Character, we proposed an entirely new system.

We centered this concept around the various chapters in life. As you move and grow, you add another layer to your story. In this same facet, we knew this new identity should reflect the same level of imagination and tactility that comes with moving to a new city, finding your sense of place, developing your personal style, and ultimately making memories.

We created a kit of contours that would revolve with each new collection of furniture. These shapes were essentially abstract cut-outs, a colorful layer that could expand and frame any piece of furniture. Beginning with a blank page, every layer, from typography to color, form and art direction, adds depth and richess to the Conjure story.

Project Details
Completed at Character alongside Gabby Lord, Pedro Veneziano, Malik Adán, Andie Wexler, Lauren Wong, and many more.

Photography by David Hartz.