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Digital Zine

Kitten is a low-stakes digital zine where artists of all disciplines respond to a one-word brief. Submissions are curated by Catherine Saint Siena, a writer and comedian with a passion to expand her circle and give others the opportunity to share their work.

Pairing a custom typeface with a sharp wordmark, we create a format that is as pointed as it is flexible. To capture the intent behind the brief, we use harsh lines to describe a soft word, keeping things open to interpretation.


From a napkin sketch to the final mark:

Kitten Courier is an alternate to a classic typeface commonly used in manuscripts and screenwriting. By sharpening the edges of each serif, this primarily analog typeface creates endless variations within a new medium.

A simple six-column grid that compliments the wordmark and supports the medium it lives within.

Project Details
In partnership with Catherine Saint Siena. Supporting imagery by Victor Chen unless stated otherwise.