Whitney Badge is a graphic designer based in NYC. She received a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons, and is fascinated by the role of semiotics as it relates to identity, space and interaction. Currently, she is freelancing with Team Oberman at Pentagram.

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[email protected]

Freelance Senior Designer @ Pentagram in NYC
Freelance Senior Designer @ Buck in NYC
Freelance Senior Designer @ Aruliden in NYC
Freelance Senior Designer @  via PRO Unlimited
Designer @ Character in NYC
Freelance Designer @ MoMA Design Studio in NYC
Design Intern @ Re Agency in Sydney via WGI
Design Intern @ Parkside in Graz via WGI
Design Intern @ Base Design in Brussels via WGI
Design Intern @ Made Thought in London via WGI
Design Intern @ COLLINS in NYC via WGI
Design Intern @ Butchership in NYC via WGI
Designer @ Prophet in NYC
Design Intern @ The Wing in NYC