Whitney Badge is a freelance graphic designer based in NYC. She received a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons, and is fascinated by the role of semiotics as it relates to identity, space and interaction.

  1. [email protected]

Freelance Senior Designer @ Buck in NYC
Freelance Senior Designer @ Aruliden in NYC
Freelance Senior Designer @  via PRO Unlimited
Designer @ Character in NYC
Freelance Designer @ MoMA Design Studio in NYC
Design Intern @ Re Agency in Sydney via WGI
Design Intern @ Parkside in Graz via WGI
Design Intern @ Base Design in Brussels via WGI
Design Intern @ Made Thought in London via WGI
Design Intern @ COLLINS in NYC via WGI
Design Intern @ Butchership in NYC via WGI
Designer @ Prophet in NYC
Design Intern @ The Wing in NYC