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The Record Shop
Pop-Up Identity

The Record Shop, a Pop-Up at the MoMA Design Store presents vinyl records represented in MoMA’s collection. To give the Pop-Up its own unique voice, we created a bespoke system that references the energy of the album cover art and boldness of MoMA’s brand.

Using MoMA Sans Condensed and a vibrant color palette, we created a system that could be applied to digital, spatial and printed collateral–one that strikes meaningful adjacencies between music and design while allowing for moments of discovery throughout.

January 8–March 1, 2020
MoMA Design Store

• 46 cover artworks from the MoMA collection
• 600+ vinyl from Earwax Records
• Assortment of posters, speakers, turntables & more

Custom neon sign in the MoMA Design Store

Wall display and bin dividers for records

A series of social animations for Instagram posts and stories on @momadesignstore. Their purpose is to highlight some of the album art represented in the Museum's collection. The information heirarchy directly references that of an art label found in the MoMA, featuring all artists, musicians and designers, who took part in creating the album.

Project Details
Completed at MoMA's in-house design studio under the direction of Derek Flynn and Ingrid Chou for MoMA Design Store. Production in collaboration with Tracy Leung.